Gopesh Raichura | Author and owner of smoothmind.com
Gopesh Raichura | Author and owner of smoothmind.com

The Digital Eco System presents an amazing opportunity for companies to connect with audiences through technology, big data, content, and creative to attract, inspire, and engage them in becoming valuable loyal customers.

Truly passionate about all things digital, I have spent the last 15 years helping brands, retailers, publishers, agencies, and systems integrators (SI’s) successfully deliver on this opportunity through digital Customer Experience (CX) cloud-based apps and Marketing services.

Having worked both supplier and agency-side on the cutting edge of advertising technology innovations with ad networks, ad tech vendors and start-ups across the full digital marketing mix, I have the ability to devise and oversee digital campaign strategies and go-to-market initiatives that work, whilst also being able to remain pragmatic in approach when it comes to navigating the digital eco system on behalf of my clients.

I am a big advocate for transparency in digital marketing and in my previous role with Ghostery, I educated a multitude of ad tech vendors (DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, Social, Analytics…), agency trading desks and independent trading desks on Ghostery’s Business Intelligence platform, powered by an opt-in panel of 10M+ consumers viewing 26M domains globally that would provide comprehensive, objective and transparent data insight to their competitors on a global scale to help make better-informed decisions regarding business direction and growth.

In my current role as a Data Evangelist with Oracle Marketing Cloud, I have the exciting opportunity to help Marketers, Publishers, Agencies, and SI’s who are partnered with Oracle to understand how to place audiences at the heart of the conversation using best-of-breed digital Marketing technologies. This includes Oracle’s DMP, formerly known as Bluekai that was acquired by Oracle back in February 2014.

I am both privileged and grateful to be working with an extremely talented team of people at the cutting edge of innovative cloud-based technology services. The role sees me supporting a multitude of departments across the Oracle Marketing Cloud and beyond including Sales, Business Development, Event Marketing, Customer Success, Alliances & Channels, and Product Marketing teams in driving greater collaboration, awareness and education all round, which gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

This insight together with my passion for digital marketing, analytical mindset and attention to detail, allows me to successfully navigate the complex web of advertising and marketing technology vendors to achieve the right business results, be it brand engagement, new customer acquisition, customer retention, new product/service launches, commercialisation or digital transformation projects.

Through smoothmind, my aim is to share professional industry insight on the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Feel free to explore the site and I hope you find the articles of help!

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.